Sobre nosotros

SOLUSPORTS was founded by Yvan Fraboulet in July 2014, starting with the exclusive distribution in Spain of the Shortystrap product. Its success quickly introduced it to the world of professional sports and, in particular, football (LaLiga). From then on, SOLUSPORTS began to represent more international brands, both in France and in Spain, always focusing on unique and high quality products.

Today, SOLUSPORTS wants to be a reference both in equipment that helps sportsmen and women to solve and protect themselves from possible injuries (PROTECTION), and in products that aim to improve their PERFORMANCE.

In addition to the distribution of these articles, SOLUSPORTS also sponsors many professional
football players (LaLiga, Ligue 1, Premier League,...).


born in France, Yvan studied at university between Rennes and Barcelona, where he obtained a Master's degree in International Trade and Marketing at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Passionate about sports since his childhood, and after several years of international commercial experience in different fields, Yvan was able to develop with SOLUSPORTS a concept that was close to his heart, namely to improve the well-being of people by allowing them to continue practicing a sport when they are faced with physical problems, while offering them the possibility to improve their performance.