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  • When I met the Shortystrap I hadn't been able to play for 4 months and that for a footballer is the worst. I was looking for several treatment methods for the pubis and turns out that in 1 week using the tights I went back to training as usual. A huge difference, 100% recommended.


    Felipe Sá

  • Hello, I tried the Shortystrap 2 months ago, out of desperation since I was forced to stop working out for more than 1 year between recoveries and relapses (adductors + pubis)... and the truth is that it is surprising, I have improved more in 1 month than after 30 physiotherapy sessions! Even the physio of the club that follows my rehabilitation has been surprised.

    Fran C.

  • I haven't been able to practice football for half a year
    without pain and as a result of getting physio sessions I would improve, but after a short time would relapse again. I tried the Shortystrap and the discomfort disappeared almost completely. When I went out for a run, once the first 20 minutes had passed, the discomfort made me stop. Today after using it for a couple of weeks, I have completed an hour of running (12km) and I have not had any discomfort, beyond that, I could continue without any problem and without pain.

    Iñigo E.

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