Shortystrap Size Chart

  • The size of the Shortystrap is essential for its effectiveness and comfort.


    The main measurement that you have to take into account is the waist.


    The other measurement (thigh) allows you to choose between normal and + sizes. It will affect your comfort. A size that is too large compared to the thigh would cause the Shortystrap to rise during effort and reduce its effectiveness since the elastic straps would no longer be under tension.

    The choice between normal or + models depends solely on the measurement of your thigh.

    The + sizes offer a sizing more adapted to athletes with highly developed muscles of the lower limbs.


    If you have any questions, you can contact us via e-mail, phone or WhatsApp.


    On the left, a drawing to help you take your measurements.

Knapman Size Chart: compression tights

Knapman compression tights have comparable sizes to standard underwear. In the case of very strong thighs, one size bigger is recommended.

This is valid for both men and women.

The table below can be used to check the appropriate size, contact us if in doubt.

Instructions for taking measurements:

1. Stand up without contracting your muscles.

2. Measure around your waist at the widest point

3. Measure the circumference of your thigh in the middle point.

Knapman Size Chart: socks

Knapman Size Chart: calf sleeves