Medical studies: Shortystrap

Evaluation of the IMPACT of the SHORTYSTRAP® on the PAIN of adult amateur football players suffering from PUBALGIA


To conclude, we think that using the Shortystrap® as an adjuvant to sports resumption is an effective means in the vast majority of cases. Thanks to its rapid effect, it allows you to return to physical activity immediately. In addition, the inconvenience caused by wearing it is relatively low.

It seems clear to us that combining the Shortystrap® with a physiotherapy treatment can enhance the patient's healing.

In addition, it is necessary not to forget the multidisciplinary aspect of pubalgia, each actor being able to contribute their knowledge to avoid, among other things, the too frequent relapse of pubalgia.

We conclude that the Shortystrap® is fully recommended for football players suffering from pubalgia and who have pain when playing sports. We also think that its use as an adjuvant to sports resumption is an interesting point to underline.

The full study can be downloaded at

Final degree project presented to obtain the Master's degree in physiotherapy
Academic year: 2012 – 2013 - LIÈGE (Belgium)

Medical studies: Knapman

The unique compression garments by Knapman have a similar effect to kinesio tapes on the body.

"Special compression zones, which are partially processed in the back, ensure a clear erection of the body. As soon as the body no longer complies with the ideal posture, it is stimulated by a neurophysiological impulse. This effect is comparable to that of Kinesio tapes" says Jochen Habsch, an expert in the field of kinesiological taping.

Scientific proof
The Knapman compression shorts, with patented, targeted compression of 45%, has positive effects on groin complaints in football players. This is the conclusion of a large, independent research (Double Blinded Randomized Controlled Trial) at the University of Bath in England.

This makes the Knapman Zoned Compression Shorts the first compression shorts in the world with a scientifically proven effect.

Knapman technology
Knapman compression clothing is developed in collaboration with top sporters, physiotherapists and sports physicians.

The patented, targeted compression zones, that follow the anatomy of the body, provide maximum compression to the correct areas, such as (lower) back, abs, quadriceps, groin, hamstrings and calfs.

The modern MaxClima™️ fabric provides optimal comfort of wear and a perfect fit. Built-in silver ions offer antibacterial protection and resistance against unwanted odours.