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Reboots, the best recovery for sportsmen and women - Solusports

With Reboots, we want to help people achieve their sports goals and ambitions. In February 2018, we launched as one of the first sports pressotherapy brands in Europe. In the meantime, we can consider ourselves a popular brand within professional sports.

Massage legs and lubar area (pants)

After a hard workout, waste products are produced in the muscles, such as lactic acid, which seriously affects your performance.

Thanks to its air compression chambers, Reboots massages your legs to eliminate these waste products quickly.
The next day you'll be fully recovered and your legs will be fresh for training or racing.

They have boots (acting on the legs), pants (in addition to the legs, they include the back and buttocks area) and sleeves (massaging your arms with the same recovery system).

Using a good recovery method is an important performance advantage. That is why they work continuously to offer the highest quality recovery system in Europe.