Professional tips to avoid calf injuries during exercise

Calf and soleus injuries are common in sports that involve running, jumping or changing direction quickly, such as football, basketball and track and field, among others. These injuries can occur at the least expected time, causing intense pain, swelling and difficulty walking or running. To avoid them, it is crucial to perform a proper warm-up that includes specific stretches for the calves and soleus, as well as a progressive workout that strengthens these muscles.

In addition, advice should be followed, such as the use of compression socks, special insoles, compression calf sleeves, among others. But also maintain good hydration and nutrition, and get enough rest between training sessions.

Sports tips that will prevent you from suffering calf injuries while training

To avoid calf injuries while exercising, follow these professional tips:

  • 1 Proper warm-up: before starting your routine, perform warm-up exercises that include calf stretches.
  • 2 Progressive increase: increase the intensity and duration of your exercises gradually to avoid overloading your calf muscles.
  • 3 Good technique: perform the exercises correctly, paying attention to your posture and avoiding sudden movements that can injure your calves.
  • 4 Use a gel to treat injuries: like Fisio Forte RS7 Sport Gel combines natural ingredients of the highest quality to offer a complete, innovative and effective cream. It is recommended to improve elasticity, relieve muscle and joint stiffness, prevent injuries and as a recuperator.
  • 5 Compression calf sleeves, compression socks and massage boots: these and other garments and devices can improve blood circulation, reduce muscle fatigue and aid recovery after exercise. In this way you prevent possible injuries, with leading products that we will mention below.

Knapman Compression Calf Sleeves

Knapman compression calf sleeves are ideal for any sport, with 45% Active Compression that targets muscles. They are seamless, ultra-lightweight, breathable and have antibacterial silver ions. They reduce injuries such as sprains, muscle tears and cramps, providing stability and energy. Made from 88% polyamide and 12% elastane, these tights offer a perfect fit and a second-skin feel, improving blood circulation and reducing muscle fatigue.

Knapman Ultra Recovery Socks and Knapman Active Compression Socks

Knapman Ultra recovery socks are perfect for post-exertional use and medium to long rides, reducing the risk of injury. They improve blood circulation, increase energy and endurance, accelerate muscle recovery and are effective for calf, shin and Achilles tendon injuries. Made of 85% polyamide and 15% elastane.

Knapman Active compression socks are ideal for sports, with strong active compression in specific areas. They prevent calf, shin and Achilles tendon injuries, offering stability and increasing muscle energy. Made of 88% polyamide and 12% elastane, with MaxClima™ technology for comfort and breathability.

Knapman compression pants (25 % and 45 %)

Knapman 25% compression pant is ideal for sports and long trips. It helps in muscle recovery, reduces fatigue and improves circulation. Made with MaxClima™ fabrics for comfort and perfect fit. Targeted compression in key areas and additional support in pelvis, joints and lower back.

Knapman 45% compression long pant is ideal for sport and less prolonged use. Accelerates recovery, reduces muscle fatigue and improves circulation. Provides support for leg and calf injuries and prevents inconveniences. Made with MaxClima™ fabrics for comfort and perfect fit. Offers targeted compression and additional stability.

Reboots Recovery Boots

Reboots Go Lite Recovery Boots are the world's smallest and most complete muscle recovery device, with the size and weight of a 1 liter (1kg) bottle. Controllable via the Reboots app, it offers a gliding, uninterrupted leg massage with 4 overlapping air chambers. We also have Reboots One Recovery Boots which offers maximum recovery power with 8 compression chambers and 6 massage programs. Ideal for home use, it guarantees high-level regeneration with an effective and customizable massage.

Solusports: effective solutions to prevent and treat calf injuries

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