Compression socks vs. regular socks: What is the difference and which one should you choose for working out?

Poor blood circulation in the legs, especially in athletes, can lead to discomfort such as cramps, numbness and premature fatigue. Do ordinary socks really offer the necessary support? Compression socks are essential in these cases, as they improve blood flow by applying gradual pressure from the ankle upwards.

They reduce lactic acid buildup, relieve heaviness and minimize the likelihood of injury. For athletes, compression socks are key allies in performance and muscle recovery, reducing the discomfort associated with poor circulation. Still unsure whether to wear compression socks or your usual socks? Here we clear up your doubts.

What is the difference between compression socks and regular socks?

Compression socks and regular socks differ in design and purpose. Regular stockings are conventional garments designed primarily to cover and warm the legs. Compression socks, on the other hand, are specifically designed to improve blood circulation in the legs.

This type of socks apply gradual pressure from the ankle upward, which helps prevent swelling, reduces muscle fatigue and decreases the risk of deep vein thrombosis. While regular socks are aesthetic and functional, compression socks serve a medical or athletic purpose, improving circulatory health and muscle performance.

Do I need compression socks instead of regular stockings?

Compression socks are necessary in situations where improved blood circulation in the legs is required. This includes long periods of standing or sitting, such as in sedentary jobs or long plane rides or during pregnancy or if you have circulatory problems. Also, if you are an athlete, compression socks are ideal for improving performance and muscle recovery.

If what you are looking for are socks to cover your legs or to be comfortable in your day-to-day life, regular socks will do just fine.

What are the best compression socks to wear if I'm going to work out?

Without a doubt, Knapman Active compression socks, Knapman compression socks and Knapman Ultra recovery socks. Your choice depends on your training needs and goals.

Knapman Active compression socks. Ideal for active athletes and intense workouts. They offer full support for the lower legs, improve circulation, reduce muscle fatigue and aid in recovery. They are ideal for maintaining performance during high intensity sports activities.

Knapman compression calf sleeves. They are specific to provide support to the calf area. They are useful if you have specific problems in this area or are looking for a more focused support, and if you prefer to use another type of sock in contact with the foot at the same time (e.g. TRUsox non-slip sock).

Knapman Ultra recovery socks. Designed for post-workout recovery. They help reduce swelling and muscle fatigue, accelerating recovery after sports activities. In short, choose the Knapman socks that best suit your needs.

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