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The Shortystrap is specifically designed for groin pain and adductor injuries. 

- The Shortystrap is the first dedicated treatment for pubalgia and adductor injuries that allows for continued physical activity even at a professional competitive level.
The Shortystrap allows a return to sporting activity immediately in more than 95% of cases.

Recommended by many sports doctors and physiotherapists, the Shortystrap is used by most professional football clubs as well as many other sports (Rugby, Judo, Basketball, Running, Hockey, etc.).

Efficiency certified by medical and scientific studies conducted by physiotherapists.

The Shortystrap® is the best adjuvant to your rehabilitation of groin pain and adductor injuries

  • By reducing discomfort immediately, the Shortystrap allows you NOT to stop your physical and sporting activities, in addition to REDUCING the rehabilitation time and AVOIDING relapses of this injury.
  • The Shortystrap works by using elastic straps to induce an adductor effect on the lower extremities. This adductor effect allows for the adductor muscles and the muscles from the pubic area to be partially rested, and for the running stride to be more balanced and less damaging to the pelvis.
  • The Shortystrap is recommended for any pain coming from the pubic area in the context of physical and sports activity.
  • The Shortystrap allows for an immediate return to sports activity. It must be worn during each physical activity for 3 months, then every other time for prevention purposes.
  • The Shortystrap is the favorite product of the professional sportsmen (soccer, running, rugby, etc.) because it's the only product presenting guarantees of immediate efficiency with medical, scientific and physioes studies.
  • The Shortystrap is prescribed by many doctors, physioes of sport in France and all around the world.
  • The effect of bringing the lower extremities together, as in an adductor effect, is essential to the effectiveness of the Shortystrap. This effect must be felt immediately and it must be unquestionable. The Shortystrap will be positioned in order to assure a noticeable setting in tension of the elastic straps (max down to the knee and max high to the navel).


Following the sizing chart is imperative in order for the Shortystrap to be efficient and comfortable.  

- Materials:

  • Compo 1: 80% polyamide + 20% elastane
  • Compo 2: 85% neoprene + 15% nylon


- Care: do not wash above 30 degrees, do not use fabric softener. Do not tumble dry.

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