Compression garments: what do athletes use them for?

When practicing sports, it is common to experience discomfort in the legs and feet due to physical exertion. These pains may be due to various factors, such as muscle overload, poor posture, inadequate footwear or lack of proper warm-up. To prevent or alleviate these discomforts, it is important to take certain measures such as the use of compression garments.

Among them, an effective option for the legs are compression shorts, which help improve blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue. These tight-fitting garments provide support to the muscles, improve recovery after exercise and reduce the risk of injury. They also maintain proper body temperature and promote the elimination of toxins. But in addition to compression tights, there are other compression garments that prevent or help recover from muscle injuries. In this post, we will explain what athletes use compression shorts for, as well as long pants, compression socks, compression calf sleeves, and compression ankle socks to avoid and prevent injuries and discomfort.

What are compression shorts and what are they used for?

Compression shorts are tight-fitting garments that are used in sports to improve performance and muscle recovery. These garments apply graduated pressure to the muscles, which helps improve blood circulation, reduce muscle vibration and the risk of injury, and increase the feeling of support and stability.

Athletes wear compression shorts during and after exercise to improve muscle efficiency, especially in sports such as soccer. Knapman compression shorts are already used by professional soccer players in top leagues, as they also accelerate recovery, reduce fatigue and improve overall comfort during physical activity.

Knapman 25% compression shorts for sportsmen and women

Knapman 25% compression shorts are recommended for prevention and recovery as well as in case of moderate discomfort in injuries in pubis, adductors, and thighs (hamstrings and quadriceps). These tights are recommended for sports such as soccer because they accelerate recovery, reduce muscle fatigue and improve blood circulation.

These tights are manufactured with patented technology of specific compression, that is why they are widely used by professional soccer players. They offer comfort, perfect fit, ventilate well and keep the skin fresh and resistant to odors. They are scientifically tested by experts, so they guarantee an excellent anatomical fit for different areas of the body.

Knapman 45 % compression shorts for sportsmen and sportswomen

Knapman 45 % compression shorts have a scientifically proven efficacy, they are ideal to prevent acute discomfort. In addition, they protect the athlete and are excellent for the recovery of injuries in groin, adductors and thighs. Their compression helps to reduce muscle fatigue and improve blood circulation. Therefore, it is a high quality mesh that is made with polyamide and elastane, which makes it a durable and comfortable garment.

Knapman 45% compression tights are recommended to be used not only during, but also after sports activity thanks to their effectiveness in preventing and treating muscle injuries. They also offer support to the pelvis and lumbar area.

Other scientifically effective compression garments for sportsmen and women

On the other hand, in addition to compression garments, there are other scientifically proven products used by professionals in sports such as soccer. On the one hand, there are the long compression pants that help muscle recovery, the seamless compression calf sleeves to treat and prevent injuries. But there are also compression socks and recovery socks (approved by physiotherapists) and compression ankle socks to care for and protect athletes' feet. All these products -available at Solusports- will be discussed below.

Knapman compression long pants for sportsmen 

Knapman 25% compression long pants are a great choice for use during and after sport. They not only protect, but also help muscle recovery, thanks to specific compression zones that improve blood circulation, reduce fatigue and prevent injuries. These high-quality fabrics promote comfort, fit snugly to the body and offer ventilation. They have the advantage of supporting areas such as the pelvis, joints and lower back. Designed with patented technology, they support the muscles, reducing vibrations and damage. In addition, they have silver ions to prevent the formation of bacteria and bad odor.

Knapman 45% compression long pants are also recommended for use during and after sports. In case of acute discomfort or less prolonged use, they are a good choice. They protect the muscles and aid recovery. Their specific compression offers benefits to circulation, reduces fatigue and prevents injuries. They also offer additional support and stability, and are made of high quality fabrics.

Knapman 45% compression calf sleeves for sportsmen and women

These Knapman compression calf sleeves offer 45% compression in the muscle (Active Compression). Made with Knapman's Zoned Compression technology, they are very light and comfortable, seamless and almost imperceptible to the touch. They have high breathability, dry quickly and also integrate silver ions for odor and bacteria control.

Knapman compression calf sleeves are used by elite soccer players for the treatment and prevention of calf injuries, sprains, strains, tears, cramps and muscle fatigue. Their support and compression give stability to the calf muscles and this favors greater performance and energy for the athlete.

Knapman compression socks for athletes

Knapman Active compression socks offer the brand's patented compression technology, scientifically tested and developed by physiotherapists. Their seamless 3D Seamless technology and MaxClima fabric give them great comfort, fit and lightness. In addition, they dry quickly and integrate silver ions for odor control.

They are a great option to prevent and treat calf, tibia and Achilles tendon injuries due to their active compression. They are recommended for injuries such as cramps, sprains, tears, strains and muscle fatigue.

Knapman Ultra recovery socks for athletes

These Knapman Ultra recovery socks are not only used by professional soccer players, but are recommended for other athletes and sports activities. They are new in Spain and can be used before and after physical activity as they help a faster recovery. They promote blood circulation, greater endurance and accelerate the elimination of lactic acid and toxins.

Knapman recovery socks are recommended for shin, calf and Achilles tendon injuries, as well as for reducing calf injuries. They are comfortable and adjustable and are made of polyamide and elastane.

Knapman compression ankle socks for sportsmen and sportswomen

In addition to protecting the calves, groin/adductors and thighs, Knapman ankle socks are used by elite soccer players and athletes of various disciplines to protect their feet. They offer excellent compression thanks to the patented and scientifically proven Knapman Zoned Compression technology (which compares to medical level II compression).

They are recommended to protect the Achilles tendon and treat and prevent injuries such as cramps and muscle fatigue. They also promote blood circulation and keep feet cooler. They are seamless, lightweight, comfortable and breathable, and have silver ions for odor control.

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