What are the symptoms of groin pain?

What are the symptoms of groin pain?

Symptoms of groin pain
The most common symptom of groin pain is ache in the adductor area (low pubalgia), which can radiate into the muscle.

"Clinically, patients report pain between the inner thighs, the pubic symphysis (mixed pubalgia) and the lower abdomen (high pubalgia)."

At first, groin pain may be felt after physical activity. Then, the discomfort may appear while practicing sports and making changes in speed and direction; while, in more severe cases, the pain is continuous and can be felt even while at rest.

Another symptom of pubalgia is that "patients present pain during the Valsalva maneuver (coughing), also during counter-resistance adduction associated with a decrease in the strength of the affected side with respect to the contra lateral".

Pubalgia can be treated with a multidisciplinary team of health professionals such as traumatologists and kinesiologists, we strongly recommend the use of specific tights to protect the area in order to remain active, such as the Shortystrap, or Knap'man compression shorts or long pants.

After making the diagnosis, the doctor may prescribe anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce pain and inflammation of the tendons, kinesiological therapies if necessary, and in more severe cases, surgery may be required.
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