Collection: Protection of sports injuries

Safety without limits: Injury protection for unstoppable athletic performance

Injury protection tights and pants: Combine style and safety in your sports performance

Discover the market-leading protective tights, socks and pants, specially designed to safeguard your body and prevent injuries in the sporting arena. Our innovative protective tights offer a perfect combination of comfort, style and functionality. Their ergonomic design and high quality fabrics provide optimal support to protect muscle and sports injuries. Whether you play soccer, basketball, running or any other sport, our tights and pants will provide all-around protection, allowing you to perform at your best without worrying about injury risks. Don't skimp on the safety of your body, choose our protective tights and experience the peace of mind and confidence you need to achieve your maximum sports performance. In addition, at Solusports you will find soccer insoles and nutritional supplements to help protect you from sports injuries.