Groin injuries in athletes: discover how Shortystrap and Knapman can be your greatest rehabilitation ally

In the world of sports, both professionals and amateurs face a variety of injuries that can affect their performance and physical well-being. One such common injury is groin pain, which causes pain in the pubic and groin area. To treat this condition, several medical treatments are available, ranging from rest and physiotherapy to surgical interventions in severe cases. However, an important adjunct in the treatment and prevention of these injuries are specialized tights.

Leading brands such as Shortystrap and Knapman offer high-quality tights specifically designed to provide compression and support in vulnerable areas such as the groin and pubic area. In this way, they help reduce inflammation, improve circulation and prevent further injury, common in sports such as football, rugby, running, field hockey and racquet sports.

How to prevent and treat groin pain?
To prevent and treat groin pain, the use of specific leggings is recommended. These garments provide muscle support, joint stabilization and improved blood circulation, which helps reduce inflammation and the risk of injury. Specialized shorts offer an effective solution for athletes who want to protect themselves and optimize their performance during sports. To this end, there are two leading brands that offer tights for groin and adductor injuries, Knapman and Shortystrap.

The Shortystrap tight is a specific treatment for groin and adductor injuries, allowing the continuation of physical activities, even at competition level. Recommended by many sports doctors and football players' mutual societies, it relieves pain, shortens the rehabilitation period and prevents relapses. It works by means of elastic straps that provide an adductor effect, partially resting the muscles and releasing tensions at the groin level by maintaining a better balance of the pelvis. It is a short that relieves pain from the first use and is suitable for various types of groin pain and adductor injuries. Recommended for sports use for 2-3 months. Used by numerous professional athletes all over the world. Made of 80% polyamide + 20% elastane and 85% neoprene + 15% nylon

Knapman 25% Shorts
Knapman 25% tights provide an orthopedic grade compression of 1 over 3 (1/3). They are ideal for preventing and treating minor injuries in the pubic area and adductors, but also quadriceps and hamstrings. They offer muscle protection and recovery, increasing power and endurance during and after exercise. Knapman's patented technology provides targeted compression, reducing fatigue and improving blood circulation. They are made with MaxClima™ fabrics, offering comfort and a perfect fit. For all these reasons, it is a tight that is best suited for people who are not accustomed to wearing compression garments. In addition, they have antibacterial properties.

Knapman 45 % Shorts
Knapman 45% tights offer an orthopedic grade compression of 2 degrees out of 3 (2/3), so it is recommended in case of severe pain. It is an ideal mesh to prevent and treat injuries in groin and adductors, as well as hamstrings and quadriceps. The Knapman short offers greater protection than the 25% tight so it accelerates muscle recovery and increases power and endurance. Its patented technology provides targeted compression, reducing fatigue and improving circulation. They are garments made with MaxClima™ fabrics, offering comfort and perfect fit. It also has antibacterial properties.

Knapman 25 % long pants
The Knapman 25 % long pants are ideal for sports and long trips. In addition to preventing and treating injuries to the groin, adductors, hamstrings and quadriceps, it protects and supports the calf muscles, as well as providing greater support to the knees and lower back. Its patented technology maximizes compression in specific areas, accelerating recovery and reducing muscle fatigue. Manufactured with high quality fabrics, it offers comfort, perfect fit and very good ventilation. It is recommended by professionals and is available at Solusports.

Knapman 45% long pants
The Knapman 45% long pant is perfect for sports and severe pain, recommended for less prolonged use. It protects and helps muscles recover faster. Its patented technology maximizes compression in specific areas, accelerating recovery and reducing muscle fatigue. It is made with high quality fabrics, offering comfort, perfect fit and perfect ventilation. It is an ideal sports garment to prevent and treat leg and groin injuries. It also provides additional support in calves, knees and lower back area, so it is also recommended for long trips. Available at Solusports.

Solusports: latest generation Shortystrap and Knapman tights
Solusports offers these specialized shorts to treat and prevent groin pain, as well as adductor injuries. They even offer additional benefits to the hamstrings, quads (the short tights) and also to the calves, knees and lower back (the long tights or pants). They have been developed with elite athletes and sports medicine specialists, and are available in our online store. The sizes are adjusted to standard measurements, and it is recommended to follow the washing and care instructions to ensure their durability.

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